Sebastian PetrollGrowing up in Germany, horses were a family affair. Sebastian Petroll started showing at very young age. "Back then Horses were not as specialized as they are nowadays. You just had to figure out which events you could do with that particular horse. That made me a better horseman." After graduating business school Sebastian moved to the US to further himself as a horse trainer. He spent the next 10 years working and showing for some of industry leaders before opening Petroll Reining Horses LLC in 2011. Sebastian made the L4 finals of every major event and clinched several championships. In 2014 his peers elected him to the NRHA professional of the year. He holds a NRHA judges and stewards card. He served several years on the board of directors for NRHA and dozens of committees and task forces. As a coach Sebastian has trained numerous horses and their Non pro riders to futurity, derby and world championships. "I've always enjoyed teaching. It is easy for me develop an individual concept for each horse and rider."

Melanie PetrollMelanie Petroll a native of Houston, TX, started riding and competing when she was nine years old. After college she followed her passion and started training and showing professionally. Working for some of NRHA's leading professionals Melanie started her extensive show career. "It is the greatest feeling when everything comes together in the show pen." Says Melanie. Besides training show horses Melanie is also the driving force behind the Petroll Riding academy, a full service lesson program. "I love putting somebody on a Reiner for the first time. Their smile is priceless."

Sebastian and Melanie Petroll Reining Horse Trainers     Sebastian and Melanie Petroll

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